After over two and a half months of suspended service, thousands of Canadian support signatures, and hundreds of letters to the Minister of Transport, we are near the runway!

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) has completed their review of licensing regulations and has stated NewLeaf is not required to hold a license, which means we are clear for takeoff.

We want to thank everyone for the overwhelming support we’ve received from Canadians across the country – this shows that Canada wants this type of low-cost option.

As many of you know, NewLeaf began operating in January 2016 and the results have proven that this country loves the idea of an ultra low cost travel company.

In those ten days of operation, thousands of people booked flights with NewLeaf and hundreds of thousands visited our website.

With the completion of the CTA’s confirmation, we will be implementing and adhering to the regulations outlined and will resume booking in the near future.

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Thank you to everyone who signed our petition and sent a letter to the Minister of Transport.

We Will Be Back!

Rest assured that NewLeaf will be working hard to continue this revolution in Canada.

See the full news release here.

For any media inquiries please contact: media@newleafcorp.ca

For any non-urgent questions please email us at: info@newleafcorp.ca